Dal chawal and achar... the staple diet

I enjoy this meal so much; that now it’s the only meal combination i can have for 365days a year. As I always eat out of home during lunch for sure as i am working also dinner is many a times out with friends, so i make it a point not to skip Dal, chawal and achar when I am having my dinner at home.

The picture you see her is shot last night what i had for my dinner; can’t get anything more recent than this one .As a cook i love to make DAL, CHAWAL. The recipe is simple and most effective. The best part of this meal is you can eat it at any hour of the day; to add little zing to it I club the meal with thumps up a cola drink or a diet Pepsi.

Dal chawal and achar... is now the staple diet of many staying in Mumbai as its the cheapest and readily available food .You can get it as cheap as INR 10 .It tastes so good and mouth watering sometimes because of the simplicity of the meal. After having pastas and pizzas over and over again at different restaurants a plate full of Dal chawal and achar...is bliss.

The guy who invented achar should be given Nobel Prize. Among the plethora of canned food this one is right up at number one position. The recipe is different for different types of achar and process is time consuming too; but once it is ready can stay fresh for longer period. Achar adds life to any food that is gone badly. If nothing works achar with bread can come handy.

Anybody would second my thought if I say it’s the most filling meal and moreover the satisfaction you get after enjoying this meal can’t be expressed in words. So apart from having it at home for dinner I enjoy it when I cook it at any friends place on treks and picnics.

PICNIC!!!What great fun we had.
Would love to share an incident in my college days me and my 5 other friends decided to visit the asth vinayak ganesha temples in Maharashtra, so we hired a jeep with driver gathered our cooking needs and tent and other essentials .We had decide to camp every night where ever we are and did so; each one of us was responsible for some task. Cooking and drinks were on me it was good fun for a week. We were travelling and visited all temples, halted at many such spots where no one would imagine .Dal chawal and achar... was always on the menu as its fast to cook and easy to digest while you are travelling.

Now after 11 years of that event no one is in contact with each other whenever I go through those old photographs I feel nostalgic .Everybody is now busy with their life and family two of us are still single others are married and can’t even get time for themselves.One thing which we all can still enjoy is DAL CHAAWAL AND ACHAAR.



The Dosa or Dosay is a South Indian delicacy made from rice and black lentils. Dosay is a typical South Indian food, eaten for breakfast or dinner, and is rich in carbohydrates and protein. Regular Dosay batter is made from rice and split, skinned urad bean (black lentil) blended with water and left to ferment overnight. A modified form of the same batter can be used to make idlis..

Now that i have explained you what a dosa is and how the batter is made.Will share with you the experience of making dosas at home.When i decided to make dosas at a friends place, i excatly knew step by step process of making dosas so i decided to take charge.I went to the nearby hypermarket and bought ready to make dosa batter.

The next step was to make them; as we had decided to make a north south combination that day so we settled for punjabi achar and not chatni.Dosa and punjabi achar is a deadly combination and when i cook them its literally deadly.Knowing my skills at making a six pack dosa (single dosa in six parts its never full cirlce)i decided to hand over the front to my friend.With good 7 years of cooking expereicne and presentation skills my friend made awesome dosas and we ate all dosas made out of almost entire 1kg batter .To add a dash of west the music played was backstreet boysimagine dosas with punjabi achar and backstreet boys playing on top of their voice it waas simbly the best.

So next time you need any new deadly food combinations do get in touch with me at your own risk.



Sometimes i get into mood swings where its difficult to express...

If i cant express so how can i write.This blog is dedicated to few such mood swings, lately i was in such mood where i was unable to write but strange i was expressing through other medium .......photography.

May be i was falling short of few words or maybe the first word itself was lost. I observed that i am getting into a phase where i was seeing things around me experiencing them but not reacting or expressing them in black and white.So finally today i decided to start from no where.Believe me it actually took me more than 15 minutes staring at the screen of my laptop before i started writing on this blog and now i feel comfortable and have already decided to write few more .I am happy after a week i am writing, hope i would make some sense in my choice of topics.

The good thing that happened in this phase was me giving my more time on photography and was enjoying it.What is my problem cant i decide between writing and photography ...no i cant as i love doing both but unfortunately i have only 24 hours in a day and have many things to do.....Now now before you react that i need to plan and i will be able to do everything on time.This wont work in my case as i believe in adventure and take life as it comes so would do things that make me happy and keep doing new things .

Expression in any form give so much happiness .I cant be person who wont express anything, if nothing possible i would talk and express my self or act.but expressions are important.

so be ready for more and do express your thought on them.
express it experience it.