Sometimes i get into mood swings where its difficult to express...

If i cant express so how can i write.This blog is dedicated to few such mood swings, lately i was in such mood where i was unable to write but strange i was expressing through other medium .......photography.

May be i was falling short of few words or maybe the first word itself was lost. I observed that i am getting into a phase where i was seeing things around me experiencing them but not reacting or expressing them in black and white.So finally today i decided to start from no where.Believe me it actually took me more than 15 minutes staring at the screen of my laptop before i started writing on this blog and now i feel comfortable and have already decided to write few more .I am happy after a week i am writing, hope i would make some sense in my choice of topics.

The good thing that happened in this phase was me giving my more time on photography and was enjoying it.What is my problem cant i decide between writing and photography ...no i cant as i love doing both but unfortunately i have only 24 hours in a day and have many things to do.....Now now before you react that i need to plan and i will be able to do everything on time.This wont work in my case as i believe in adventure and take life as it comes so would do things that make me happy and keep doing new things .

Expression in any form give so much happiness .I cant be person who wont express anything, if nothing possible i would talk and express my self or act.but expressions are important.

so be ready for more and do express your thought on them.
express it experience it.

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  1. Expressions are precious!

    I hear you, keep writing and work on writing while writing more...