shaadi woh laddoo hai jo kaahye woh bhi pachtaye !!!
jo na khaye woh bhi pachtaye !!!

This saying is somewhere very correct i must say.With my first hand experience on being single; i have come to a conclusion that the guy who created this saying must have been suffered being bachelor and being married too.Not that i am suffering in any ways of being single.

In an Indian society setup if you are 30+, physically fit, earning well but single then you are bound to have Q & A session at any hour of the day by anyone.Soon everyone will reach a conclusion that something is wrong somewhere.Bole toh kuch lafda hai .

I simply don't understand why is everyone so interested in my life when they have their married life to care.The answer is simple they want to see you on the other side.The discussion can start from no where for example.

CASE 1:You are hanging out with friends at a cafe enjoying your coffee.A phone rings on the next table the ring tone goes like this rabba rabba meeh varsa sade kothe daane paa. and someone starts like oh wow! how great are punjabi weddings and all attention on the table is on me as i am the only punjabi BACHELOR guy in the group.Next two hours i am drilled on questions like when will i get married, is it going to be arranged marriage or love marriage what is that i want a girl to be .What all they want to do in my wedding and somehow i feel they need a reason to start the topic and then i have to be on hot seat.Then i use all my acting talents and make sure they are diverted to some new topic or give them an answer which will keep their mouth shut for months.

CASE 2:You are simply discussing how badly recession has hit and many people have lost their job.But the fact remains that life does not stop with recession so why would marriages stop.We all know how big fat Indian weddings are and Punjabi`s are known for their spends.So now i have to discuss the commercials of my marriage and how big is it going to be.Can someone tell these guys the most important thing for the marriage is THE GIRL i would marry and not everything else.

CASE 3:The most classic one you face it at home.There are clear straight forward questions what have you decided on your marriage ? Have you already decided on a girl then let us know or else we find one for you .Speechless! the only thing that goes in the mind is why on a lazy Sunday morning i am discussing marriage why not a healthy brunch.But you cant escape till you get your dose of weekly nutrition, so either get away with a smart answer like give me some time to think or keep tossing between mom and dad.Who by now know me better then myself so they are aware of the things going in my mind but still want me to answer all the questions.phew!!! happy Sunday.

So the story continues and there is no way you can skip all these questions day in day out till you are married.I know the next thing would be have i planned for the baby .

i would still say its better to experience it yourself.laddoo ka maza toh khane ke baad hi aata hai.

SM(sweet memories)


  1. Hee hee lovely moments you captured up there buddy...Lage raho...I am glad you are putting your emotions in writing, it helps to think out loud...

    Baki sab mast hai na?

    BTW, when are you getting married?

  2. story of my life too :) haha..its crazy especially at weddings when they pop this question..."beta aap ki shadi nahi hui?" and in ur head you are like ugh leave me alone...

    anyways...you summed it up well.

  3. this aspect of life is public property i guess...anybody and everybody can ask you why you are not married yet :D

    well written, expresses the agony perfectly.

  4. also my life "tossing between mom and dad"