SM ....S

kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho kya kehna hai kya sunna hai mujhko pata hai tumko pata hai......

I wonder sometimes if this was possible; i mean is it true that two person can communicate without words in the era of sms internet and blue tooth where communication modes are just growing at the speed of thoughts.

I was fortunate to be born in the late seventies.Fortunate because its our generation who has seen and experienced the old India and the fast paced growing India.Talking on communications in this blog would love to mention i have seen the period of postcards,telegrams,to the time when i am using sms, blue tooth,internet,skype.The most commonly used mode of communication is sms on an average i must be sending and receiving more than 100 sms everyday.

Technology has helped us a lot to keep in touch with our loved ones at real time;still i believe that the personal touch has its own impact.When i see someone and talk in person i am more comfortable.While you talk on sms the EMOTIONS are lost and the way you type some words are not read in same emotions.

There are many a times i have experienced that while talking to few closed one i really don't need words, the expressions talk a lot but that is possible only when you meet them in person.sms will keep you posted on the situation one is in but not what they feel.Technology can grow by leaps and bound but can never take over the human touch .

seekho na naino ki bhasha peeya ....



  1. What big example of technology than you and I sweetheart...

    I dont SMS with ya, but we do gtalk and fbooking...hee hee good thought, try to make it wide and general and then bring personal perspective in it...you will get to the real core!

  2. totally agree with you Sandeep...
    i do miss the old fashioned way of keeping in touch :( say letters they were so so personal and felt...