After a halt of 27 hours i decided to come back to my home town MUMBAI.(i wont be discussing here about the halt and 27 hours what i did) may be some day would discuss it in some other blog when i write on certain topics.

When i decided to come back to mumbai this time i wanted to be double sure the way i am going to travel.It was clear in my mind that no matter i spend a little more but i will not compromise on the comfort part of my travel.Looking at the options available within my extended budget decided to travel in AC Volvo bus followed by taxi travel up to my house.Booked my tickets and destiny started playing its role this time it was planned to be full of surprises.

The bus was suppose to start at 3.30pm and the driver was missing till 3.45 pm , so i decided to grab a quick bite of kachori and jalebis.(the after effect is so strong that i am still eating jalebis and samosa while i am writing this blog ) mmmmmmmmm...On this trip i must have forgotten all instructions given by my gym trainer and was eating to satisfy my taste buds.Finally the wait was over and the bus moved at around 4.00pm and i settled my self in the comfortable seats stretched my feet to enjoy the chill inside and decided to doze.What a smart decision i made to board this bus which will take me to mumbai at decent time and the travel was suppose to be comfortable.

I was happily enjoying the scenic beauty and clicking photographs with my mobile. After 45 minutes of travel the bus halted i didn't bother to react to it and continued clicking few more shots.In no time people from the bus started getting down; i followed soon as was shocked to know that the water pump in the bus which supplies water to the radiator is not working.Soon the driver declared the bus cant move ahead and he is trying to reach his office in mumbai.Now i was convinced no matter how good a planner you are or how well you take care of every details ,its the destiny that plays the important role.

The adventure had just begun after 30 minutes of argument it was clear that no way any of us is getting refunds.The options available with all of us were either wait till next help is available and be in the hands of luck or plan the next move on our own.I decided to take the second option;few like minded passengers came together and we decided to take a cab till the nearest railway station and board the next available train to mumbai.

The cab driver was smart enough to make the most out of the situation and some extra money; so he charged every passenger with a return fare that is twice the money, for eight passengers in a mini van.We inquired the train timings and discovered that we have next 40 minutes to reach the station buy tickets and board.So it was a pact between the driver and us if he is able to make us reach withing time we pay or else we get the trip free.The challenge he had was the curvy roads ahead but it was extra money that was running on his mind so after many overtakes and rash driving almost escaping death at instances he dropped us near the station in 30 minutes flat.

We all bought the tickets to our respective destinations and boarded a completely packed train which was relatively empty according to the locals sitting in the train; as it was a Sunday.Standing in the pungent compartment with a bag over my shoulder i was thinking how happy i was when i first boarded the bus and was boasting myself to make smart decision.It was a slow train and would change into a fast one after few stops,knowing this i started calculating time by when i will be able to reach home and train took off the station 15 minutes after its schedule time.

Next 90 minutes were the most tiring ones; how it feels standing in one position in mumbai local is not a hidden fact from anyone.It took me so long as the train which was suppose to be fast after few stops was slow and stopped at all stations passing by.After i got down from the train at around 8 pm my next battle to negotiate with rickshaw drivers started who in spite of having official tariff meters installed were demanding some stupid fares.Also fought with the traffic hawaldaar who was part to this crime.By now i had no energy left to fight anymore so decided to take the next auto available.Driving for next more than an hour i reached outskirts of mumbai walked for 100 meters with luggage and got in to another rickshaw.To my surprise this guy was soft spoken and drove fast within the traffic rules and i finally reached home at 10 pm.

In my entire 6 hours journey i traveled in all different modes of travel BUS,TAXI,TRAIN,RICKSHAW,WALKED.phew!!!!

moral of the story you get what is planned for you no matter how good or bad planner you are.


  1. Good write up love, keep writing. I hope next time we can go to Matheran together!!! :-)0

  2. hmmm thanks!!! for your comments was a nice try to guess the place...sorry i was not there.

  3. :-)) i will be keep guessing budd, you know me :-)