5.30am ki VOLVO

The meaning of phrase early to bed and early to rise is totally changed in my case.My life style and late night hangouts leave me with early morning time to go to bed and get up soon to be available for the next day.

Last night was a bit better than my standards slept at 11pm after a heavy, tasty,finger licking dinner with B and family it was a small celebration but the menu was not at all small and the stuff that i ate ;if my gym instructor sees me eating would have blasted me(its also me who is responsible for not following the diet. courtesy my sweet tooth)managed to get up early morning or late night as you call it at 4.00am pushed myself into a denim and jacket and was heading to hit the road.

don't get me wrong i don't drive rash i always guide the auto rickshaw driver to maintain a safe speed and in next 20 minutes i was at the bus stop in one of suburbs in mumbai to meet a close one who is traveling by 5.30 Volvo for some official work.Rushed back home was suppose to go to gym immediately but the bed was so inviting i could not resist myself to take a power nap of 15 minutes.Woke up to my surprise it was 30 minutes sleep.Somehow managed to reach gym on time and was running my lungs out on the treadmill....phew!!!

hmmm early to bed and early rise has made me wise enough to reach office before time and get extra time to write this blog.