Divikriaaaaaaaaah! the design connect....

The story begin in october 2008 to be precise 29th october.

I got the brief to design a logo unit and few collatrals for a socialite trying to start a creative business model.Sounds interesting started working on the text brief that i got through mail was ready with a logo unit on the very first day.The story had just begun working for days and night on weekends developed more than 30 options to the client.By this time the year passed by and i had my share of celebrating the best new year ever with few loved ones.

Now after slogging for months i was back to square one starting from scratch;as all the options created till date had that something misssing in it and were rejected (can someone explain me what is that something which always keeps missing when you deal with wanna bees)somehow i managed i get there and was able to convince and sell the idea to client.The logo that finally got selected actually took least of my time to design as it was from scrathes of something else that i had done long back for someone else.

May be i was over doing it in first stage to get there, when i gave up and just went with my natural flow of thinking it was right there.Developed collatarals around the same identity and finally today after 14 weeks the project was over.Guess what i was underpaid because some super smart somewhere spoke to client and convinced that the job could have be got done at half the price and for his valuable suggestions i paid the price.

Got creative satisfaction but failed of monatory satisfaction.Chill yaar!!! one more lesson learnt; how to get that something creative for people with a bent.just be yourself.

No prizes for guessing what will i do with the money.Use it for something that will give me mental stasifaction.


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  1. whatever..but the resulting logo unit looks good..!! hey but i can't help thinking of anti Aids campaign when i look at it..