***** (my ratings for dev d)

Dev D in many ways can touch your life at various points; the only criteria is to experience "EMOTIONAL ATTYACHAR" be a victim of lost love once in your life.

I feel among all the emotions that one go through in life this one too should be experienced.Easy said than done, but believe me been there seen that and still not got converted into DEV D (cause in my case the D was DESTINY and not DAS) a strong believer in destiny has some how kept me on my toes.How do i explain this paradox? simple;i believe in destiny but i always believe in positive one so to make it happen,kept my self engaged in things that give me happiness and MOVED ON.

A very strong statement but true you need to move on to keep things going.But the question is how many times do you move on on on and on.....times have changed yaar just forget the count and keep going as nothing is permanent so is the bad phase.

I also believe that even if you don't find a PARO there will a many CHANDRAMUKHI`S.Its up to u to decide what you want.Getting your first love or true love in your life is difficult;but to get someone who will care for you and be there for you forever is in your hands.Be someone who deserves it believe in it live it and you will get it.

Love is the most complex emotion to express experience and excel too.

DEV D is till date the best adaptation of the classic novel into modern cult form music is awesome and the actors have done justice to their roles.It was worth staying up for the late night show reach home at 2.00 am and sleep dreaming the EMOTIONAL ATTAYACHAR.



  1. hummm... nice thoughts sandeep, lot of them true actually!!!
    i would say there was one thing i wanted to see in the movie and did not till the end...
    wanted to see more chemistry, love, bonding, spark in dev's and paro's relationship, cause if i see dev drinking himself to death for paro i neeeded to see more love between them than it was shown!!!

  2. hmmm... interesting blog S ... i will comment on this for sure but after I see Dev D ... !!

  3. I have recently bought this movie, Dev - D. I am not sure if it will be good or not, but as you said...its worth to go through that experience...and I trust you for that.

    Another thought, I have stopped counting go on and on and on and on, on, on moments in my life (you know it all) and I just see, experience and move on..that is the best positive thing I know to do, if anyone has something else in their experiences, bring it on.