The Dosa or Dosay is a South Indian delicacy made from rice and black lentils. Dosay is a typical South Indian food, eaten for breakfast or dinner, and is rich in carbohydrates and protein. Regular Dosay batter is made from rice and split, skinned urad bean (black lentil) blended with water and left to ferment overnight. A modified form of the same batter can be used to make idlis..

Now that i have explained you what a dosa is and how the batter is made.Will share with you the experience of making dosas at home.When i decided to make dosas at a friends place, i excatly knew step by step process of making dosas so i decided to take charge.I went to the nearby hypermarket and bought ready to make dosa batter.

The next step was to make them; as we had decided to make a north south combination that day so we settled for punjabi achar and not chatni.Dosa and punjabi achar is a deadly combination and when i cook them its literally deadly.Knowing my skills at making a six pack dosa (single dosa in six parts its never full cirlce)i decided to hand over the front to my friend.With good 7 years of cooking expereicne and presentation skills my friend made awesome dosas and we ate all dosas made out of almost entire 1kg batter .To add a dash of west the music played was backstreet boysimagine dosas with punjabi achar and backstreet boys playing on top of their voice it waas simbly the best.

So next time you need any new deadly food combinations do get in touch with me at your own risk.


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  1. wow you can cook not bad.

    dosa not my favourite but then i havent tried the dosa achar combo,hmmm??