"jo baat tujme hai teri tasveer mein nahin"

I would agree to this to an extent cos in painting i have not reached that level where the painting would actually be more beautiful then the subject.I would love to see myself reaching there someday,but i would say i am too lazy or i have kept myself busy in so many things around me which leaves me with hardly any quality time to paint.

Talking about painting its one thing that i got as default setting in me.I never took any classes or gone for any art classes it came naturally; a gift from my father he is an amazingly multi talented creative soul.Most of my creative bents are because i grew up seeing my father practicing it.Right from painting,acting,theater,direction,scripting,photography and many more...it was like an institute at home.Observation was the only skill set i had and then practicing it to reach a level where i am today is my achievement.

Nobody actually guided me what i should take up as career or study or in which should i develop my skill set .Biggest example of this is me being a physics graduate now worked 10 years as professional visual merchandiser blogging on photography and scripting few thoughts here.

I am completely destiny`s child in that sense i just lived the way my life guided me and did everything possible to keep myself and people around me happy.Now i think in my early 30`s(yes i am that old and i don't shy away from that)still being single i should develop one of my creative bents big time and make sure i reach a level people see up to me.Lets go through what i have done till date.

25 years of painting.
13 years of theater.
10 years of working as visual merchandiser.
9 years of scripting.
7 years of photography.
6 years of studying physics.
2 years of blogging.

the numbers suggest i have more experience in painting than anything else that i did till date.What justice am i doing to painting...nothing. It took me almost a month to start a new painting and took few hours to finish it.

Statics clearly shows there is no lag in productivity what is missing is the driving force.An inspiration yes that is the biggest problem for fine artist.

Where will i get inspiration from ?
i should thank my muse who recently was ready to be my subject,i could do this painting only because it was her.I need more such push so that i can keep painting,out of my other creative skills photography is something i really enjoy doing too.

Some where i need to marry two photography and painting for me to get that extra push and inclination to do more of quality paintings.I need to keep the shutter clicking and brush strokes making their presence felt on blank canvas.

waiting for the beautiful picture...

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  1. my god! that's a terrific resume :)
    itti chhoti life me itna sara kaam...waiting for your beautiful picture too...hope to see it posted sometime.