EX SSL REUNION 17/04/2010

Big day for me yes it was indeed a very big day meeting all the old friends ex bosses colleagues and ofcourse the big boss BSN it was like dream come true, to have a personal invite from him was itself a big thing.

When i joined shoppers stop in year 1999 as CCA part timer, the HR then kamlesh dangi asked me what is that you want to be ? I was not sure of what to answer as a fresh graduate had no idea how to answer this question. After few months when i was exposed to Visual Merchandising as a function in retail which got my attention,I had decided to make my career in VM in my next meeting i conveyed the same to kamlesh dangi.

11 years after that day when we both met at this reunion (we did meet in between at many occasions)first thing he asked what are you doing these days? I smiled and replied i work and VISUAL MERCHANDISER HEAD with a retail company that has showrooms across india.He smiled back so you have achieved what you always wanted to be.

It was a great feeling someone like him who is sucessful in life and was my mentor acknowleding my efforts.
In this reunion party i also met many others who some or the other time in my professional life touched me and had their share of shaping my career.

the feeling is bigger than this note cant express much but captured all moments in my camera to make them immortal.

it was indeed  feel the experience while you.....

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